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Ian Morgan

With a global portfolio of producing events and exhibitions Ian’s flexibility and foresight makes an ‘Alright’ night into an ‘Unforgettable’ night.

Every space and location has the potential to be used for an event or exhibition and it is the job of the producer to ensure everything is taken care of to guarantee a memorable night or day or both!

Andrea Morgan

Design is life, everywhere you look you will see it, from the leaf of a tree to the cover of a book.

Andrea's ability to create unique pieces that are not only eye catching but deeply creative are visible through her past works

Art Exhibitions

Uivo have the experience in delivering a variety of Art Events depending on your needs. Collective Art Festivals with over 100 artist exhibiting, incorporating live art, tattoo artists, bands & DJs or solo exhibitions for individual artists to display their work. As an artist sometimes the hardest thing to do is exhibit your work and get it out to the public.

Uivo can advise you how to deliver your artistic creations for maximum exposure, we live in times of technology however to see the art in real life helps clients appreciate the piece more and hopefully make the important purchase.

Events & Festivals

Uivo will incorporate their skills to produce a stage or space at your festival blending our love of music and art to transform any area into a mesmerising spectacle.

Do you want to impress your friends and have a theme party, Uivo can transform any location / venue / villa / garage into a fantasy world of your dreams. Are you having an event and need artist to display work to enhance the evening, we can assist. Visual artists / musicians / bands / DJs


Turn any blank space into a piece of art. With the use of projectors we can beam art work and designs to create a more atmospheric feeling. Anything from an event or brand logo to the backdrop for bands and DJs.

Past Events


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